Hi there! Thanks for taking a look at JANDERLUST travel blog!

I’m Jan Van Decraen. Born in 1985 in Hasselt, Belgium but I’ve been living in Bruges since 2011 with my travel-companion and partner-in-crime Evie.

I got bit by the travelbug after college, hearing stories of other people traveling and thought “That sounds like fun, let’s do it!”. The first trip took me to Thailand, and basically I haven’t stopped traveling (or smiling) since. Every free moment I’m on the road, in the air or on a boat to my next destination. I’ve visited Europe, the USA and South East Asia quite extensively, but of course I also have a lot of insider info on the beautiful city of Bruges – and Belgium in general – which I call my home. My next trips however will take me further into Africa and Middle America.

Traveling to me is not only about relaxing (although that is a part of it, of course), but it’s also about local food, getting active on location and maybe have a drink or two. I like to travel on and off the beaten path, as long as it feels genuine and exciting; every trip I discover something new and also grow as a person thanks to it.

Besides travel, I am a bit obsessed with the art of tattoos (or so I’m told), love playing drums and going to festivals – which I will also cover in this blog. (Belgium is home to some world-renowned music festivals). When I’m traveling, I talk to fellow tattooed travelers and locals about what their ink means and what drives them to circle the globe. I also do interviews with tattoo artists on the road about their inspiration, why they don’t stay in one place,… And I pop into the occasional local tattoo parlor for similar reasons.

JANDERLUST is basically about inspiring fellow wanderlusters and providing some clear-cut information and itineraries, but also to show ‘the human side’ of travel through the art and culture of tattoos.

FYI – the name JANDERLUST was a simple mash-up of ‘wanderlust’ and my first name ‘Jan’. But you probably already figured that out…