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My name is Jan, and I’m a thirty-something tattoo aficionado living in Bruges, Belgium. I’ve been traveling ever since I got out of college and been hitting the road pretty hard. Almost thirty destinations (and counting) later, I felt it was time to share some of my best (and worst) experiences while traveling, provide detailed day-by-day itineraries and some tips and resources to make other people’s travels easier.

As you might have noticed, a part of my travel blog is about tattoos. I meet a lot of interesting people while traveling, and more than you’d think have tattoos and truly amazing stories behind their ink or why they are traveling,… I also try to fit in interviews with tattoo artists on the road if the opportunity presents itself. #tattootraveltales is the ‘human interest’ part of this blog, if you will.

There you have it: JANDERLUST is all about inspiring to travel… and incorporating some cool tattoo side-stories on the way.

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